new president in south korea!

people (including my mom and dad) are excited about the new president in south korea.  the market is up.  and even i feel like things are looking up.  i have no clue why i would even feel this since i don’t even know what the president looks like and i don’t even live here.  in any case i’m excited for korea. 

i really must stop on-line shopping.  i just can’t stop!  it is really addictive. 

since i got an extension for the final paper for a class i took last semester, i feel pretty optimistic and hopeful about my life.  it’s funny how that works, isn’t it?  one part of your life gets better and rest of your life looks better too. 

i haven’t done anything exciting so far since i got here.  i had really good sushi today.  that’s about it.  oh, and tangerines are excellent here.  my hands are going to look orange soon!

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