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my lovely niece is amazing, especially when she plays wii!  she’s three and a half years old.  she knows how to golf, bowl and box on wii!  she can beat your average (or my brother in law and her uncles and aunts) wii player on any of the sports she knows how to play only on wii!  the other day, she was boxing her uncle and as she was knocking him down, she even had time to look at her opponent and her cheering fans!  as kongtachi ( writes, it’s really scary how good she is! 

as for me, i have yet to play a game of wii.  i’d like to keep it that way.  i don’t know, i don’t really like to play games of any kind, or even watch movies.  it’s like i don’t want to do anything that is entertaining and potentially fun!  the only fun i allow/enjoy is writing blogs.  hence, the many many blogs i write just about every day! 

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