food frozen yogurt reviews seoul tokyo

pictures from japan and korea dec 2007


pictures of the bestest ramen place in tokyo! sorry – no picture of the ramen b/c i was too busy eating. 🙂

we also went to the bestest curry udon place the next day. we met up with our nephew and we were too busy trying to win him over that i didn’t take pictures of the place or the food. i had the best tonkatsu curry udon ever! my nephew is really cute. he’s three years old but this is only my second time seeing him. he only speaks japanese so we had to win him over with super mario brothers. hehe

red mango

i didn’t eat all three! smoothest frozen yogurt i ever tasted. inside decor was not as nice as pinkberry in koreatown in nyc. toppings were not fresh (they were canned fruit!) and the taste of the frozen yogurt itself was nothing to write home about. oh well.


lotteworld adventure (location of redmango that i went to) – maybe other locations have better ambience? i didn’t take a picture of the inside of the redmango store i went to b/c it just looked like a fast food store!

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