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getting into the game

football is not my sport but tonight i watched the super bowl with bunch of friends. oh man oh man. i didn’t think i would get into the game at all. but in the fourth quarter i got my hopes up and then the giants came back. 😦 talk about having something in your hands just for a few minutes only to have it taken away from you.

i can’t figure out what it is about sports that draws me in. i mean, i don’t even watch football usually. but tonight i was really rooting for the patriots to win. it’s rather disappointing to have your team lose.

i feel like maybe i won’t watch any more sports – okay, except for when the redsox play. the way i am responding to tonight’s game is a bit like how some people (maybe myself included) view life: what’s the point of trying something if you can’t do it perfectly? in fact, i don’t feel that way about most things. i try to take baby steps and try to build on what i did before. but i can totally understand why someone would not want to try at all if they don’t think they can win.

i can’t wait until the baseball season!

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