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last day

i just had my last day of intensive group therapy.  today i really felt ready to “graduate” the program.  i’m going to miss my group members.  maybe i’ll just go hang out at the program so i could see the group members!  🙂  i didn’t think i could make it through the program but i did!  it feels great to know i have made it through the program with no hospital visits or other serious interruptions.  i probably learned more from the program than i can tell right now.

i’m feeling good about life at this moment. who knows,  tomorrow might be a difficult day.  but i can only live in the moment i am in now and right now it feels good to be where i am.  🙂  that’s a major major progress i would say (so would my therapist).

2 replies on “last day”

Ummm obviously my being so psyched for you outweighs my devestation that you are not going to be in group anymore…. seriously, just think about the bedlam we caused when you were there… now picture all that minus our best diplomat. Oh boy. Miss you tomorrow preemptively.


You rock and I’m going to miss seeing you in group every day. We should totally hang out sometime. 🙂 (Okay, I’m going to stop engaging in my procrastination target behavior…)


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