depression personal theology

understanding at last

after a few weeks of no understanding whatsoever of what i had to read for class, last night i read 40 pages and understood what i was reading!!!  praise God!  i was so relieved that my brain hadn’t gone mad.

class was amazing on tuesday.  i didn’t understand what i read of course.  so i had tons and tons of questions.  the professor was really patient and our discussion helped me to understand the theology infinitely more than i could have hoped for.  🙂   i was starting to think that i couldn’t do theology anymore and that maybe i had lost all interest in it.  i was happily proven wrong.  i still understand theology, can follow discussion and am capable of making contributions!

my psychiatrist is prescribing me wellbutrin tomorrow.  i was feeling so badly last friday that i could hardly speak when i saw her.  i felt like i was an empty box and couldn’t move my body.  weird, huh?  i’m looking forward to starting on wellbutrin.  we tried it about 6 years ago for a few days but had to stop because i wasn’t eating.  since then i’ve gained about 60 pounds so who cares if i stop eating?  i could use the weight loss.  hehe

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