day by day

it’s amazing how living day by day can get you so far.  i somehow made it through the nyc trip two weekends ago.  i somehow made it through easter sunday – making tons of sandwiches for refreshements and all.  i made it through another class this morning despite the difficulty i have been having with understanding the readings.  wow.  wow.  wow.

i’m looking forward to seeing my niece tomorrow!  i have a presentation next tuesday morning so yes, i decided to go visit my niece.  makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?  i’m leaving tomorrow morning and coming back monday night.  i’m sure i won’t be stressed and i will get all the work done early.  NOT!  hehe   seriously, maybe i will get things done.  maybe.  just maybe.

i started taking wellbutrin last saturday.  it’s at such a low dosage right now.  so i can’t really tell if it’s helping.  my psychiatrist is super conservative and careful.  recommended starting dose is like 150 mg.  i’m on 37.5 mg.  i mean, is it doing anything at all at such a low dose like that?  i hope i lose my appetite and lose a lot of weight!  i’m only half joking about that.  🙂

One reply on “day by day”

You are right….somehow you managed to live your days..and you pass all hard times …all problems…you even pass your good times…and going forward…passing every moments you reach end of life…


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