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i felt so awful yesterday.  i felt physical pain as well as emotional distress.  i didn’t feel that i could move so i couldn’t go exercise as planned.  somehow i managed to go to group therapy.  during group i felt like i was floating, my attention was going in and out, and basically i think i was detached from my surroundings.  my sister had dropped me off.  and i asked her to pick me up because i didn’t think i could walk home.  man oh man.  i didn’t know i could feel so bad.  usually when i feel bad i stay in bed so i’m not aware of the physical sensations that my emotional state cases.  yesterday, however, since i managed to get to group, i was conscious of the physical discomfort associated with feeling badly emotionally.  

thank god i feel better this morning.  i went to morning prayer and i’m really glad that i went.  there’s nothing i look forward to or care about except for morning prayer.  

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