personal religion theology

back to philosophy?

my thesis is more philosophy of religion or philosophy than it is theology.  so it got me thinking, should i go back to doing philosophy?  well, i’d be doing philosophy of religion i guess.  my advisor does philosophy and theology.  that’s what i want to do too.  

i’m reading nietzsche tonight so i can write my thesis.  i can still turn in my thesis!  that’s the good news.  bad news is that i have to turn it in on monday.  yup.  monday.  oh boy oh boy!

as i was doing research for my thesis i found some books on meaning of life.  if you write a book saying that life is meaningless will someone still publish it?  at the moment if i were to write a book about life i’d probably write that it was meaningless rather than meaningful.  good thing no one is asking me to write a publishable book right now.  

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