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so my therapist told me that i was dissociated (?) on wednesday.  i felt in and out of focus in my attention and felt like i was floating.  i had a difficult time holding up my body, moving, etc.  who knew you could be dissociated for 5-6 hours!  that’s insane!!!

wednesday wasn’t the first time i felt that way.  so i must do it as a way to cope with my life.  you gotta do what you gotta do, i guess.  

i sure hope i won’t feel like that again any time soon.  it felt awful.  yuck!

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i ran across your post in tag surfer, and just wanted to say that i know what you mean. i experience periods of dissociation as well, and it is scary and feels out of control… but i have come to the place (with help) that i have learned to cope with it, and even intervene before i fall into that huge black hole. so… there is hope. hang in there.



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