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gone mad

i’ve gone mad i tell you.  i slept two days pretty much straight through.  how does one do that?  i haven’t written anything since friday morning, which by a writer’s standard feels like an eternity and a day away.  and actually i didn’t even leave the apartment yesterday.  wow.  i feel like i’m waking up from a coma, like life has gone past before me and i’m trying to catch up to it.

many years back, i heard a pastor preach and the only thing i remember is that he kept saying, “save yourself!”  he was using that as a rhetorical device to point out that jesus could have saved himself but he didn’t.  at least i think that’s what the pastor was trying to do.  in my case, i think i do need to save my self!  but now i’m wondering if the pastor’s point was that we can’t save ourselves no matter what we do.

how important are sermons in one’s christian life?  at my church, lately, i’m thoroughly uninspired by the sermons.  i don’t feel like sitting through the sermons anymore.  but i know when the preaching is good that it really gets me going throughout the week.  i don’t think i should have to miss out on hearing good sermons on sundays just so i could go to the same church with my friends.

2 replies on “gone mad”

hi mark,

do you mean that i’m right that i have gone mad or that i shouldn’t go to church to be with my friends even when the sermons are not inspiring?


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