facebook happenings

so in the past couple days i have found a gazillion friends that i haven’t talked to or seen in years.  one friend i hadn’t had any contact with since middle school!  and through his facebook friends page, i found another friend from middle school.  so i was im’ing into the wee hrs with the friend and you know, it’s as if we had been talking all these years and had kept in touch.  we might have even been in the same town around the same time at one point.  but who knows?  it’s hard to tell what people look like in their adulthood when the last time you saw them was when they couldn’t even vote (among other things).

i think i was feeling especially nostalgic yesterday and really looking for a way to connect with the world.  i was so happy to find my friend from back in the days.  hehe

so i just edited a 26 pg paper for my brother.  i’m kind of tempted not to even start working on my own stuff until after lunch.  it’s 11:20 am now.  i’ll get about an hr worth of work done.  then i’d have to stop!  oh well oh well.

i had to admit once again that i am one of the rare female specimen who is like a male – meaning that i am reluctant to settle down.  how’s that?  i think i hung out with too many guy friends when i was younger.  my dad raised me like i was a boy.  he practically never mentioned marriage but would always talk about academic pursuits.  well, i like it.  i like the way i am.  this way i don’t get turned down by guys.  i get to run out of the relationship before anything serious happens.  but then i do realize that i pay a high price for this:  once i ran out on someone that i really cared about.  maybe next time i’ll be more careful.  maybe.  maybe.

One reply on “facebook happenings”

I’m glad you found me, too. It really felt like no time had passed, didn’t it? Even though we were now talking about relationships and kids and all sorts of other adult concerns. It’s a far cry from the 8th grade, that’s for sure.

Take care of yourself. We’ll talk again soon.


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