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black hole

i just spent about 4 hours on the internet receiving and sending e-mails. where did the go? i wish people would use the phone as much as they used to. because it would be faster than sending e-mails back and forth! although, i do prefer sending an e-mail if the message is concerning something too complicated or difficult to explicate.

i still feel kind of sick from the other night b/c i drank too much. my medicine and alcohol, they don’t mix well. i met with my psychiatrist this morning but didn’t have “time” to bring it up. i was happy we never got around to talking about it. i’m sure she wouldn’t have been happy and maybe would have given me a really really hard time about not drinking with the meds i am on.

i just saved about a hundred dollars for our church! we are getting food catered and the price was too high. so i mentioned a competitor’s name and said we might have to switch over to the other people. and the owner (i think he was the owner) came down to meet our budget. i mean, it’s a church function. we don’t grow money on the trees. and if the food is good as we think it’s going to be, i’m going to post an awesome, really kick ass awesome review of thier catering services. why? i find that writing reviews of businesses (good or bad) is rather empowering. i feel like my experiences and judgment matter, you know?

so anyway, no mixing alcohol with meds this weekend.

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