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emergency room

last week i went to the emergency room twice!  my therapist was going out of town and was really concerned that i may not be on earth when she returns from her vacation.  so she sent me to ER to be seen and evaluated.  praise the Lord, they let me go home.  but then i had to come back to ER a couple days later for another check in.  everyone, i mean, everyone, well except me, wanted me to go to partial hospital.  partial hospital is really, partial hospital.  instead of being inpatient and staying at the hospital 24/7, you go to partial hospital from 9 – 3 pm monday through friday.  but then it’s like, okay, what are you supposed to do the other remaining hours and the weekends???  anyway i postponed partial hospital admission until next week.  by next week, i hope that i will be feeling infinitely better!  yes, infinitely!  🙂

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