poison ivy

i think every year i get poison ivy.  and it’s not that i go camping every year.  my sleeping bag which i took camping 3 or 4 years ago, i think has poison ivy oil on it and we can’t get it out even after washing it!  who knew my rash was due to poison ivy?   i am itchy all over!   oh bummer.  i mean, like my scalp, my eye lids, and all over my body, i am itchy.

the nurse practitioner that i saw gave me script for steroids for a week.  it could make me really energized.  or it could make me really down.  which is it?  i guess i’ll find out this week.  i mean, as if i am not already on enough mood altering medicines, right?  hehe

Author: goaskpastoralice

she/her/hers...pastor, chaplain, theologian...writing a dissertation on theology of traumatic affect...going for transparency here, but it's not easy...

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