unbelievable! yes, go red sox!!

i was following the game on my blackberry last night.  things have been crazy for me on the emotional front.  i thought watchig the red sox lose would be too nerve-wrecking for me.  then all of a sudden, the red sox started to play baseball like they owned the game.  still i kept up on my blackberry.  until the score tied.  then i ran downstairs and watched on t.v.  wow.  what a game!  everyone played their hearts out.  TB rays on the other hand seemed to be pulling out of the game after they scored 7 points.  TB helped red sox win as much as red sox team gets credit for incredible come back.  they let red sox get on base.  they pitched right to ortiz giving him an opportunity to drive the ball far far away.  they walked bay.  they carelessly threw the ball to first base letting youkilis advance to second base.  why would they walk bay and take their chances withd drew who just hit a solo homerun in the previous inning?  francona on the other hand made brilliant decisions, sending okajima and papelbon earlier in the game than they are used to coming in the game.  and wow who knew masterson could pitch under pressure like he did?  red sox, you made my night, my morning and well, i am going to tune in to the game on t.v. the entire game on saturday.  you’re my team and i am proud to say i believe!

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