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Worst Green Tea Bingso at Coex Redmango

so my german son and i went to coex, located in kangnam of seoul.  first of regular topics were very limited in selection.  i almost never get cereal on top of my frozen yogurt.  but at that time and place, corn flakes seemed like the best topping to put on my red mango frozen ice cream.

we asked if they had mochi as a topping.  the worker gave us deer caught in the headlight look and said, do you have that as a topping where you come from?  we don’t have mochi as a topping.  not all stores are the same across countries.

so after some mix up, we finally communicate to the worker that my son wants a green tea bingso.  when it came out, it looked pretty.

and so anyway: as for the taste – the worst green tea bingsoo we ever had!  green tea powder didn’t mix well with the ice and we just left the barely eaten bingsoo on the counter hoping that they would notice we did not like it too much.  😛

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