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brazilian keratin hair treatment

i got my hair cut last week and was talked into getting a brazilian keratin hair treatment. my hair no longer looks like wispy tree roots! it looks healthy and well hydrated.

today i met up with my old roommate. and told her about that i got the hair treatment. she told me there is formaldehyde in the mixture for that treatment! first i was like yuck because they use it to preserve dead things. then i came home and read an article about the hair treatment, learned that formaldehyde is a carcinogen! oh well. the price of beauty too high? i think so.

One reply on “brazilian keratin hair treatment”

The keratin & Brazilian treatments are definite lifesavers! Protecting hair from drying, especially during the 1st 3-4 days is critical.
As a beauty coach we get to try out hundreds of products and after I had the treatment done, I received a sample organic satin pillowcase to try out. Surprisingly, it didn’t dry out my hair, but kept it silky and smooth. I still use it everynight to add longevity to the treatment. We found that cotton cases were harsher than the satin case and also keeps facial wrinkles away.
The pillowcase company was Neero – Ana. It’s really is one of the best satin pillowcases I’ve ever used. Worth every penny.


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