depression new york

plan B

i was trying to find a DBT group, psychiatrist who can prescribe me medicine, and a therapist. but i couldn’t find a DBT group that had space and would also take insurance. so i gave up trying to find a DBT group in nyc. and since i gave that up, i have two really good prospects for finding psychiatrist and therapist. i guess when plan A falls through, you go with plan B. DBT groups have kept me out of the hospital. but since i can’t find a DBT group, i have to stay well enough when i’m not in the hospital. so i’m just looking for someone who can prescribe me medicine and a therapist. i didn’t expect to have such a difficult time finding mental health providers in new york city! i didn’t realize how fortunate i was to be in the boston area where there is plenty of mental health providers. another thing i didn’t expect: at least for bluecross and blueshield of state of ny (not sure about other health insurance companies), they don’t have case managers like bluecross blueshield of ma. my case manager in ma is great! i didn’t have to talk to a different person every time i called or for every authorization. my case manager knew me, my mental health providers and even suggest and authorize preventative treatment, which was in the interest both for the insurance company and for my well being. anyway, again, getting less for paying more. ny health insurance is going to be (approximately) twice what i paid in massachusetts. and for paying more, i get fewer privileges (i.e., no case manager who takes on my case for however long it makes sense) and less coverage (well, higher copay at least for each hospitalization). oh well.

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