new york


i applied for a GRE prep course to be a teacher. i didn’t get an interview. i learned that you need over 90th percentile on BOTH math and verbal part of the GRE! gotta work on my math! need to improve score by 70-80 points! verbal is good to go. 😛 what? english is my second language? didn’t learn the alphabet until i was old enough to read novels in korean? oh well. guess i shame those who pride themselves in doing well on math part because asians/asian americans usually do well on computation math stuff. give me math proofs i say! then i’ll show you math i can do. reading graphs and solving word problems, i’d rather not. oh well. gotta start calculating tips and other arithmetic things for real and not just round off so i can get my rusty brain back in action. so so weird that i need to improve my math scores if i want to teach for GRE prep courses. don’t think i need higher scores on GRE for grad schools though. ironic, isn’t it?

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