personal relationship

bed time story

once upon a time, long story short, there was a woman who was called “stupid woman” by her significant other. one day she finally realized that indeed she was stupid! the man had some kind of knack for seeing into the future maybe? anyway, the stupid woman realizes that to stop being a stupid woman, she has to leave the man she loves. how could anyone love a stupid woman, she thought to herself? it was clear to the stupid woman, that she had to leave the man. stupid is as stupid does, right? i mean, to stop being stupid, for starters, the woman had to stop being with a man who kept telling her that she was stupid. it’s some what disturbing how much power our environment has over our psyche. keep calling someone stupid and one day they will see that he/she really is stupid. if for nothing else, they are stupid, aren’t they, for sticking around someone who keeps telling them that they are stupid? ah, as for a happy ending, as for happily ever after, well, upon leaving the man who wouldn’t stop calling her stupid woman, the woman immediately started feeling opposite of stupid. she thought to herself, if she had wings, i could fly! the end

i like the ending. it’s rather upbeat and happy, don’t you think?

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