new york personal relationship

delayed reaction

it’s rather silly actually. as of last december i have been single. and totally living it up. new job, new roommate, new everything practically. maybe i just had no time to reflect really? just when other people might get used to being single again, i’m just starting realize that my life has really changed. it’s so much better in so many ways. and just a few ways that i feel a loss. most people talk about how the mind plays tricks on them. i feel like it’s my heart that’s the culprit. i put nine months behind me practically with a blink of an eye. and two months later i’m having a delayed reaction of feeling a loss. all this delayed reaction started when my therapist started asking me if i’m really doing ok. therapists! oh well. i guess it had to happen sometime.

time to let feelings work themselves through. not going to dodge it or repress it. just going to live through this one.

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