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i am rapidly declining…  i thought i was doing well.  but this weekend, i hit another bump.  now i’m not sure what’s good for me.  i guess i know what i need.  i mean, i was starting to think i needed my ex-boyfriend if i can’t make it through this break up.  but then i realized, man, if i can’t make it through this break-up, being with my ex-boyfriend isn’t going to be much help.  so with or without him, with or without being inebriated, i’m gonna have to make this work.  i’m it.  me plus God.  that’s all i got.

One reply on “huh,”

God is all you need. Maybe God is trying to show you there is someone else he has for you.Try this. Make a list of what you want in a husband. (exclude your ex)
Pray over that list and ask God to bring who he wants into your life. He gets it right. We don’t. I know.


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