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those closest to our heart

It’s the hardest thing in the world to share with someone closest to my heart about my religious beliefs, which in fact profoundly define and shape who I am.  Why should this be so?  Don’t I trust this person who is closest to my heart that he will be understanding, patient, and loving all the same as I share my core beliefs?  Ideally the answer would be yes.  Since it isn’t yes, but a maybe, or I would hope so, I stop to reflect on the relationship between myself and the closest person to my heart.  I feel and believe that I am unconditionally accepted by this person.  But perhaps that is only head knowledge and not heart knowledge.  Yes, I am scared to be vulnerable to the one person I can be vulnerable with and not fear rejection or judgment.  This is likely to be more about me than the relationship.  It takes courage to open up my inner most being to another person, even to the person I trust most.  How do I acquire such a thing?

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