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are covid-19 mondays more difficult!?

one of the challenges of being at home for weeks with out no determinate date when things will change is that days and weeks have become indistinguishable. paradoxically? or ironically? mondays are hard still because it is a monday, and also because it feels like today and tomorrow are barely distinguishable! normally, weekends, and especially […]

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homemade sugarless cereal

Made sugarless cereal at home today. Was not planning on putting in raisins, but had it in the nut mix I got at store yesterday… recipe adapted from few recipes – rolled oats, mixed nuts (cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds), coconut flakes, almond flour/flakes, cinnamon – bake at 300 degree for 10-15 min. […]

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how to start losing weight again

That was my dinner last night. First meal of coronavirus ration – chicken cutlet, sliced tomatoes and corned can with sauce made of mayonnaise and ketchup. Can I eat dinners like this and start losing weight, again??? I struggle with my weight, not my entire life, but most of my adult life. I have lost […]

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Peace of mind during coronavirus

Drugstore was out of hand sanitizers and alcohol. So I put together a homemade version- combined Lysol disinfectant with rose water spray or eucalyptus hair spa spray.

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rough week to preaching on Sunday

How does one go from having had a really rough week to preaching on Sunday? And of all things, lectionary this week is on the B-attitudes? Blessed are… I certainly did not feel blessed this week in any stretch of the imagination. I felt awful, felt disappointed and sad, and just all around not had […]