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ice cream shop

I played ice cream shop with my favorite toddler yesterday!  Family by choice can be so comforting and loving even at times when you can’t visit your family by birth.  I do miss my sister and my sister’s two daughters.  But while I can’t visit my nieces, I get to visit my friends’ kids and […]

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the work i do

I didn’t know if when it would happen or if it ever would.  It has been really hard to make patient visits.  Then slowly starting this week, I feel more at ease like I did before.  Last Sunday I answered an on call referral to ICU.  I provided pastoral care to a family of actively […]

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but not for me

i guess i knew this already but it’s starting to hit me that i’ll probably never have my own kids. good thing i have nieces and nephews (from sibling and cousins)! i’ll have to settle for the crazy aunt who becomes an extra member of the family. hehe

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i feel horrible about not being able to go to lunch today with my mom and her friends. the thought of sitting through lunch, listening and participating in conversation at lunch seems like an impossible task for me right now. it is taking all my energy just to prevent my self from crashing…

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time limit

i was feeling depressed all day yesterday and this morning. my thoughts were too dark to utter out loud to anyone except maybe to a therapist. since i don’t have a therapist right now, well, i didn’t really get to say what was on my mind. i tried to contain the thoughts and feelings inside […]