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pinkberry chocolate

it’s so weird to be living 5 minutes from a pinkberry store! gotta love it. 🙂 i tried the new chocolate flavor yogurt at pinkberry. very very rich. great with fruit. i got a medium size with mochi, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries. medium size is great for original flavor. with chocolate flavor, i couldn’t and didn’t […]

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when you least expect it

life is not fair by any means.  i don’t know how.  but i have been feeling pretty emotionally stable for about a week.  i started wondering, did the dark clouds above my head move on?  started wondering what i would do, what i could do if i continued to feel better.  but then today, just […]

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starbucks and recovery

yesterday after i voted, i got a free tall coffee drink from a neighborhood starbucks.  it felt so cool that starbucks was rewarding people for voting.  i don’t think anyone voted so that they could get a free cup of coffee (or free iced cream at ben and jerry’s i heard).  but it sure feels […]

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black hole

i just spent about 4 hours on the internet receiving and sending e-mails. where did the go? i wish people would use the phone as much as they used to. because it would be faster than sending e-mails back and forth! although, i do prefer sending an e-mail if the message is concerning something too […]

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i just made coffee in my new coffee maker! and it tastes so good. 🙂 i got it as a gift. it’s programable and it has its own filter system too. i haven’t figured out how to use the filter yet. yes i’m just lazy like that. i’m feeling really indecisive this morning. i was […]