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bad brazilian keratin hair treatment!

i can’t imagine it’s normal for the scalp to get irritated because of the brazilian keratin treatment? my scalp after the brazilian hair treatment is all bumpy, not the way your head gets bumpy after bumping into something, but the way it gets all swollen and scabby after wards. yuck, right? it’s a bit itchy […]

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brazilian keratin hair treatment

i got my hair cut last week and was talked into getting a brazilian keratin hair treatment. my hair no longer looks like wispy tree roots! it looks healthy and well hydrated. today i met up with my old roommate. and told her about that i got the hair treatment. she told me there is […]

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Top 5 reasons for (a mini) OD

1. when despair and suicidal ideation are not at full blast and the troubled person may see things might be better tomorrow but sees no way of getting through the day without incurring more damage to his/her sense of well being. 2. when a troubled person in question has narrowly focused intense experience of what […]

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Worst Green Tea Bingso at Coex Redmango

so my german son and i went to coex, located in kangnam of seoul.  first of regular topics were very limited in selection.  i almost never get cereal on top of my frozen yogurt.  but at that time and place, corn flakes seemed like the best topping to put on my red mango frozen ice […]

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Tethering on iPhone 3.0 without jailbreaking

so so happy about thetering on my new iPhone 3G S!!!  i can even talk on the phone while connected to the Internet by tethering with my i Phone via bluetooth (can also use USB port).  what else can i say?  love it love it love it!  love apple!  love ATT!  can you tell, tethering […]