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standing desk converter is a game changer

the price of a standing desk converter – $130. Being able to dance while reading and writing sermons and my dissertation, priceless! Since I set up my standing desk converter, I am standing up 10 minutes and sitting rest of the hour, and repeating that for few hours. Hoping to do half standing and half […]

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homemade sugarless cereal

Made sugarless cereal at home today. Was not planning on putting in raisins, but had it in the nut mix I got at store yesterday… recipe adapted from few recipes – rolled oats, mixed nuts (cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds), coconut flakes, almond flour/flakes, cinnamon – bake at 300 degree for 10-15 min. […]

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Monday Mornings

Monday mornings are the hardest! Trying to get a sense of what I need to do this week and trying to be productive, as in get something done. After getting a sense of what I need to do, I feel overwhelmed. Of course, now I can’t concentrate and it’s become hard to get anything accomplished! […]

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Shout out to – Philosophize This!

Discovered podcasts by Stephen West on Philosophize This!  He has a 5 part series on Gilles Deleuze and it is excellent!  His explanation is clear, easy to understand, and he argues for the relevance and significance of Deleuze’s ideas. So so good! Deleuze’s concepts – shift of focus from being to becoming, affirming existence in […]

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#Dissertationthoughtfortheday – writing a page a day seems slow, but after 7 months, you end up with over 200 pages!