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pastoral message – rich man’s regret 10/27/2019

rich man’s regret – recorded on  10/27/2019 How can we not have regrets like the rich man? Be true to who we were created to be.  And to share our stories. God created each of us, in the image of God, and God created us differently. God loves each of us, why do we not love […]

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saying good bye

i’m going to say good bye to my kids tonight. it’s going to be so weird not preaching every sunday. i’m sure i’ll get used to it. i’d like to think that i’ll still be in touch with everyone at church. but i know it’ll be hard to stay in touch when i don’t see […]

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new and old

last sunday was the last service of our church…but this sunday we met at the church again for another last service. kind of funny, but i think it was good. so so happy that starting a new church is not rushed any more. i get to keep working with English ministry so for me it’s […]

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and i get paid?

i love what i do! last saturday, after eating a delicious home cooked meal i played board games with people. had ice cream and brownies for dessert. another saturday i just hung out at a ski lodge while watching people ski. and to prepare for sundays i get to spend time learning about things i […]

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gone mad

i’ve gone mad i tell you.  i slept two days pretty much straight through.  how does one do that?  i haven’t written anything since friday morning, which by a writer’s standard feels like an eternity and a day away.  and actually i didn’t even leave the apartment yesterday.  wow.  i feel like i’m waking up […]