rock solid frozen

i love you i love you i love you but I don’t have you any more i miss you, miss you so much but you won’t come back to me all the insensitive people are not wanted now because… because…when you are hurting when I’m hurting, I just need a hug, just a bear hug […]


oh how I miss you

I miss you so much, E. I miss you so much. People who love you are in pain with broken hearts. Slowly pain for me has become dull rather than breath taking piercing pain. But still I cry, and sobbing comes and goes. I can’t believe it’s been a month already. I miss you, E. […]

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I miss you most

I miss you most in the mornings, E morning after morning I picked you up and half awake, half asleep drove us to church some people came to visit, they would come and go but some of us were regulars because we needed God and we needed each other Even when I could not even […]

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unexpected beautiful moment

yesterday, I visited a patient fourth day on a row. first time I met the patient was on Sunday by on-call page. I didn’t realize he was in critical condition. only the next day when I visited him had he visibly deteriorated. on my last visit, he was sleeping, morphine induced sleep I think. I […]

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death and life

What does it mean that we all will die at some point? I am a chaplain in training. Yesterday two of my patients died in ICU. And before that three patients died during the week. Patient that died in ICU, Edna (pseudonym) was a lovely person. So was her husband, Ed. I visited them twice […]