up and up and up

so weird. i’m feeling better and better. i’m doing better and better. i’m more and more optimistic. i’m more and more confident. even when i am down i get up quickly. is this all for real???

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hmmm wait a minute

i don’t really know why. i thought when i started working that i had to appear all put together. but in these blogs i had been completely honest and at times maybe even too honest? but i realized after reading a blog from a member of our church that there can be no anonymity to […]

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fast recovery

am i wolverine? wow. yesterday i was wrapped up in nostalgia…missing my ex even though i know the decision to end things was the only possible decision to preserve my self-respect. but today i’m looking upward and forward! life is pretty good right now. but i have this strange feeling inside of me that life […]

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he loves me, he loves me not

i find it curiously strange that even after my bf told me that he loves me that i still wonder from time to time: does he love me or does he not love me? in those moments, i’m not even sure how i would know if he loved me or not or what it would […]

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changes, big changes

i haven’t updated in so long.  it’s hard to know where to even start.  when i don’t update for a while, i feel like there is so much to say i just don’t know where to start. the biggest news of this year is that for the first time since spring of 2002, i have […]