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Quarantine lessons from Psalm 23

Dear Friends, Greetings! Hope all is well with you and your family on this seventh Sunday since the shelter in place order was given by the governor of New York state. How are you holding up sheltering at home? For some people sheltering in place order is not an easy one to follow. Home is […]


after years and years

what is at the end of the road of years and years of love? ¬†at times, what is at the end of that road, of a happy ending, perfect story, is heart ache, loss, and regret. I remain hopeful that despite my biological clock practically not ticking any more and practical impossibility of being a […]

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delayed reaction

it’s rather silly actually. as of last december i have been single. and totally living it up. new job, new roommate, new everything practically. maybe i just had no time to reflect really? just when other people might get used to being single again, i’m just starting realize that my life has really changed. it’s […]