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is money a non-negotiable?

Of all the differences my boyfriend and I have, the fact that we relate to money differently is probably the most likely factor to break our relationship.  Just the other day, after a very nice afternoon, after watching an intense emotional movie, we went to dinner.  I had wanted to go there for my momentous […]

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ACELA – money money money

i rode not regional north west train from nyc to boston this morning, but ACELA the more expensive all business or first class express train from ny penn station to boston south station. boy, talk about money money money. what about money? well, for paying double the price of what you might pay for regular […]


to love or hate facebook

this morning i woke up to couple of alarming phone messages and texts.   last night i was busy playing chess online with my bf.  now a days, before we start playing, i declare that i will lose this game, but let’s see how well he can do and how long i can last.  so […]