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new year, new me, new brand?

after posting 3 sermons online, i changed the name of this website for my blogs from to think I just created a new brand for my blog/myself/and “my” ministry! prayers please for wisdom and discernment going forward!

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accidental overdose

i was putting off blogging so that i wouldn’t have to process all that happened in the past week.  well, now it’s time to process.  and i process best by writing.  so  you see how this blog is practically necessary for me. after i wrote the last blog last wednesday night, sometime after that and […]

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for a long time, i felt distant from god and couldn’t pray as i had before. and then when a friend told me last week about her health condition (that she may find out in a week whether she has a limited time to live), i started praying for her and am finding that i […]

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efficacy of prayer

i went to morning prayer this morning.  i am not even sure why i went since i don’t think that god is listening to my prayers.  i prayed for another person and felt really weird about doing that.  i think i’m going through a crisis of some sort spiritually.  nothing makes sense anymore.  i’m not […]

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petitionary prayer and faith

as i have done for the past three years or so, i went to morning prayer today. and i wondered, why should any of the prayers we pray matter? why should god who created the universe care or help me to finish my semester at school or to have more wisdom? a few years ago, […]