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since the last time i painted

last time i painted was about 4 years ago. i couldn’t have told you that on my own. but facebook memory popped up and reminded me. the thing is, i love painting. i lose track of time. it is the one thing that takes me away from everything and totally immerses me in the act […]

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ideas to jump start one’s studies

For a rainy day, this is a note to myself, and in case others might need fresh ideas to jump start one’s studies… I have listed things that help me to build momentum in my academic work. This list also works for sermon preparations.  Please share your study habits that work well for you! This […]

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finally finally

i’m finally on page 13 of my paper. it seems like it took an eternity to get past page 12! usually what happens when i get stuck on a page is that i keep revising and reorganizing. and so even though i’m writing the page number pretty much stays the same. but this week, i […]

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life line

somehow i’m managing to write again.  it’s amazing.  since last night i’m writing and organizing my thoughts.  how is this possible?  wow.  wow.  wow. yesterday was parents day in korea where my parents live.  so i called mom then dad to thank them.  in response they thanked me.  huh?  i guess they were thankful that […]


few words

how could i have nothing to write about, right?  i don’t know, lately i wanted to write a blog but couldn’t think of interesting enough things to write about.  but then again maybe what i write isn’t really all that interesting in some sense.  it’s still valuable to me that i can express myself and […]